Elaine Hardy of Holistic Family Healthcare has been a great help to our family. Elaine is a wonderful resource and guide in our pursuit of optimal health and well being. In my opinion, Elaine achieves a balance between Holistic practices and conventional medicine. Elaine addresses each situation on an individual basis, and customizes treatment based upon her assessments. As a mom, Elaine, understands the specific needs of a family.

BA from Chatham, NJ

I am very pleased with the service I'm getting from Elaine and her staff. I feel that she is very interested and committed to helping me get healthier. I love that I am an integral part of the treatment plan. She always listens to what I have to say and answers all my questions. I feel that she is entirely focused on me and my issues while I am with her.

She makes me feel that she is sincerely interested in resolving the health issues - not just treating a symptom. Her exams and questioning are extremely thorough and I believe a key element to planning my recovery. Her treatment recommendations are discussed with me, in detail, and she will discuss any concerns I might have and will tweak the plans as necessary.

I think she provides the perfect blend of holistic treatments as well as conventional medicine (ex. lab tests and prescriptions). She has been able to recommend certain brands of vitamins and supplements that agree with my sensitive digestion - in the past, I've wasted a lot of money buying products that I was unable to digest.

Also, Elaine is well versed with the various insurance coverages (ex. what test might be covered or not) and is sensitive to not spend my money on unnecessary testing.

I appreciate her printing out her recommendations before I leave the office, so I don't have to concentrate on writing notes while I'm with her. She is very free with providing web sites and articles for me to read up more about various topics as well. I also feel quite comfortable with sending an e-mail with a specific question, she responds very quickly.

I feel I am well taken care of with Elaine and feel fortunate that I have found someone in the medical profession who truly cares about me!

DF from Andover, NJ

Our son was diagnosed with (PDD-NOS) Autistic Spectrum at the age of 2 years old. He had limited speech and was very auditory delayed. A year later we had the pleasure of meeting Elaine and finally found someone who knew what we were going through and someone who knew how to help our son.

Elaine had determined many food factors as well as some internal deficiencies may have been the cause for some of our son's behaviors.

After just one simple diet change my son's language improved as well as his ability to process information. Then after using some new supplements our son was potty trained and his ability to dress and feed himself took off. Not only did we see a huge difference in our son, our friends and family saw a significant difference. I was so impressed that I am now a patient of Elaine myself!

We can't thank Elaine enough for her help and most off all for her wonderful bedside manner! She made us feel that we are not alone in the fight to help our son.

KP from East Hanover, NJ

After our son's diagnosis my wife and I were like two deer in the head lights of Autism. We first went to our pediatrician's for help, but they were useless. They had no guidance about nutrition, allergies, therapies or theories that could help our son. Meeting with Elaine Hardy instantly put us at ease. Her bright attitude and methodical approach made my wife and I feel like we could get control and understanding of his condition. Within a short time we obtained statistical information on our son's food allergies and nutritional deficiencies which provided us a factual and analytical approach towards helping him.

I highly recommend Elaine Hardy. She has been a key factor in helping our son overcome.

ED from New Jersey

I was referred to Holistic Family Healthcare by a current patient and consider it one of the most fortunate events of my adult life. After 2 ½ years of non-diagnosed and miss-diagnosed illness; more than a dozen physicians and specialists and several hospitalizations, Elaine evaluated and understood the symptoms and undertook a program of testing which pinpointed the problem. Less than a month after treatment began, I was back on my feet and feeling great. I have every confidence her frequent follow-ups and adjustments to the medication and supplements will continue to help me enjoy my life again.

RD from Park Ridge, NJ

After over 4 years of being told I had IBS, I was tired of seeing doctors who could not help me. I was told by another patient of Elaine's that she had greatly helped them manage their IBS. Discussing IBS symptoms can be quite embarrassing and Elaine made me feel very comfortable, as if I was talking to a good friend. When I went to see Elaine, I was at the point where my symptoms were controlling my life and decisions to leave the house. Elaine discovered that a certain medicine I was taking was worsening my symptoms and that I am sensitive to gluten. Those simple changes have made my life so much easier. I am no longer afraid to go on vacation, long car rides, or even to work. I wish I had known about Elaine sooner. Everyone with IBS should go and see her!

JM from Pompton Plains, NJ

I have been extremely pleased with the services I have received from Holistic Family Healthcare. Elaine has been thorough, professional and very attentive since my very first visit. My family and I have the utmost confidence in her and her staff, and I have, and will continue to recommend her to friends.

JC from Hackettstown, NJ

Wow. Today, January 4th, is the one year anniversary of you coming into our son Michael's life and for that, I must once again say Thank You. *Something told me, when I stumbled upon your website in November 2007, that YOU would be the person to move us forward. As his Shepherd, you have taught us how to give Michael all the tools necessary for him to turn around and move in the right direction. You have educated us which in turn, has healed Michael's emotional and developmental struggles and put him on a great path to better health and peace. For this we will always be grateful - and will continue to sing your praises to anyone and everyone who will listen!

TS from New Jersey

I have been under Elaine Hardy’s care for many years. My husband and I moved out of the state due to a job change and have never been able to find a family doctor that could take the place or even come close to Elaine’s abilities and personality. We have continued to have her as our primary doctor and travel out of state to see her and continue to have phone appointments and e-mail communication that always meets us with a prompt response, easy billing, and high standards in her practice. We refer her to all that we see even though out of state. She has done a remarkable, outstanding job treating all of our health conditions with results! We are extremely proud and happy to have a Nurse Practitioner who can handle all of our demands professionally, promptly, effectively and never willing to compromise her own moral standards and ethics and possesses high integrity. I cannot say enough about Elaine Hardy and believe she would be the best choice for any and all of your needs. We feel very confident in Elaine and all she provides for us.

AG from Joppa, MD

Elaine Hardy has been treating my wife for the last 10 months. While these have been an exceptionally tough time for our family Elaine has gone above and beyond to be helpful and caring. Her concern for the well being of her patients is unequaled. Elaine has shown depth of knowledge in her practice and profound understanding of medicine. I also bring our children to Elaine and found her to be a trusting caring person towards my little ones. During my wife's ailment Elaine was able to diagnose the problem (later confirmed by a specialist) that a number of Doctors had missed. This saved us countless pain and allowed us to start the treatment much sooner. Our family holds Elaine in the highest regard. We recommend her to everyone we meet.

JR from Brachville, NJ

Friday, January 4th started like any other day, except it wasn't just any other day. We sent Jack off to school and Dennis and I packed up Michael and we headed up to Hackettstown. I didn't have a lot of apprehension about this visit, not anything like I felt when Michael had his Early Intervention Eval.

Once again, I had this trust for Elaine that I can't explain. I told myself (and Dennis) that whatever she told us I would go with. She's known as an expert in this field and if she says he's got something going on, then he does. I also said that if after reading everything, meeting him and putting it all together she then said to us, "You have a perfectly healthy son with a speech delay and everything will be just fine" well then, I'd believe that too.

I worried that the office would be too "doctor like" and Michael wouldn't last the full hour. I packed toys and snacks and lots of things he liked just in case. We got to the office and waited for our time slot.

Elaine came out and she immediately said hello and put me at ease. She was tall, thin, bubbly and just "looked smart." She invited us in the office and on the one side I saw a bookshelf with all kinds of toys for Michael to play with, which he immediately went to. I noticed that the toys were deliberate learning and development toys that I'm sure she used in her observations.

We sat down while Michael played and she pulled out Michael's thick folder. First thing I noticed is that there were highlights and circles and red marks and notes all over it. She HAD read through it.

She started by thanking me for all that I had put together in preparation for the appointment and indicated that it was very helpful. She then looked at Dennis and told him that he was lucky to have me because I was so observant and clearly concerned. She then said to me that I already knew what was wrong with Michael, I had already figured that out, and we didn't "need" her for more than putting us on more of a path to health. I couldn't believe it. In my heart of heart I knew I was making the right discoveries but it was so surreal to hear someone who was an expert tell me the same. She then said what we need to do now is "get the science to back up our thoughts and suspicions."

With that, we started going through his history and she asked lots of questions about his behaviors, illnesses and such. All the while, she watched his interaction with the toys, with us and his language. She noted a few things about his articulation and the way he played with toys and remarked that he seemed typical in many ways. She then got down on the floor and began to engage Michael; he was shy at first and she was careful to include us in her interactions, which allowed him to warm up easier. He played with toys with her and responded when she asked questions and followed commands and directions fairly well. She noted that he was quite pale - and both me and Dennis looked "healthy" - and that he was probably anemic, at minimum he was vitamin and mineral deficient.

With that, she sat back down and started going through what tests we would be doing; blood for a celiac profile and IgE's, vitamin and mineral deficiences, urine for yeast excretion and stool for yeast detection and good/bad bacteria. She indicated that she felt the tests would say he has a casein and gluten sensitivity, low B vitamins and deficiences in many other vitamins and minerals, yeast in the gut and lots of bad bacteria.

As we were wrapping up, I asked her what she "saw" in him - what did she think we were dealing with and what her overall first impressions were. She said he was a very smart, adorable 2 1/2 year old with some developmental delays. She also said that we were very lucky because the interventions we provided Michael up to this point were definitely paying off. I said that in my heart of hearts, I always *felt that Michael was "knocking on that window, almost yearning to be in that world" and she said she totally agreed - Michael was as close to crossing thru as any kid could be. And whatever we did, whatever we provided him has brought him further and further away. To this day, whenever I recall that, I get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Dennis reached over and hugged me and kissed my head, saying "Thank you momma, you saved our son." Even Elaine began to cry.

Anonymous from New Jersey