Elaine Hardy Fit

Nutrition and fitness have become a core focus in my life over the past several years. Being healthy and fit are of utmost importance to me. I have seen the transformation in my own health and body with the Beachbody programs I’ve completed and want to help others achieve their nutrition and fitness goals. In addition to being a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Integrative Medicine, I’m also a fitness coach!

Elaine's TransformationI am extremely concerned about the obesity crisis in our country, and am passionate about helping people lose weight the right way. I’m working hard to help end the trend of obesity. I get up every morning at 5am and get my workout done in the comfort of my own home, before I go to work. I am passionate about helping not only my patients at my office, but also my Beachbody clients and team members to reach all of their health, nutrition and fitness goals. Not only do I live the life, But I really do practice what I preach!! I’m a successful business owner, busy mother of three children, and wife. I am able to fit clean eating and fitness into my busy life. If I can find the time, you can too, and I’ll help you get there!

I offer free online accountability groups for those who are looking to work one on one with me on their health and fitness goals. We affectionately call them challenge groups. I provide menus, recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, support, motivation and accountability for all of my private accountability group members.