GFCF in 10 Easy Weeks
- Mary Romaniec - Author of the 10 week GFCF calendar

What is gluten?

Proteins found in the plant kingdom
• Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye, Triticale, Spelt, Kamut
• And all derivatives: Malt, grain starches, hydrolyzed vegetable plant proteins, textured vegetable proteins, grain vinegars, soy sauce, grain alcohols, flavorings and the binders and fillers found in vitamins and medications.

What is Casien?

A phosphoprotein of milk, which has a molecular structure similar to gluten and includes:
• Milk
• Butter
• Cheese
• Yogurt
• Ice Cream
• Creams
• Caseinate
• Pediasure

What is Leaky Gut?

Many of our kids have gastrointestinal disorders believed to be caused by an insult to the immune system, which contributes to the gluten and casein proteins break down of the intestinal wall. Proteins go through a permeable gut wall and cross the blood/brain barrier, causing many of the autism symptoms.
• Clouded mental function
• Insomnia
• Diarrhea
• Impaired Social Connection
• Blocking of pain messages
• Dilated pupils
• Crave opioid effect

Remove these proteins to begin healing the gut to heal the brain

• GFCF diet
• IgG food sensitivity removal
• Anti fungals
• Biomedical Treatments
• Supplements
• Digestive enzymes
• Find a good DAN doctor.

GFCF in 10 easy weeks…(really)

• Don’t tackle all at once
• Create a feeling of success, less frustration
• Move quicker than the proposed calendar only after the second week

Week 1 and 2

• Remove all milk based products
• Do not replace with soy milk or yogurt
• Replace with the following
Rice milk or Almond Milk or Darifree
• Add in a calcium supplement to avoid eye stimming and more sleep problems
• During these two weeks read the book “special Diets for Special Kids” by Lisa Lewis
• Stock up on gluten free foods.
• Buy ready to eat and package mixes only
• Hold off purchasing the wierd flours for awhile

Week 3
Find 5 GFCF foods that your child will eat for breakfast and serve it.
• Frozen GFCF waffles and real maple syrup
• Bacon and eggs (gfcf bacon) and gfcf has browns like Cascadian farms
• Cream of Rice cereal
• Any of the Envirokids cereal with rice or almond milk (avoid Rice Dream ..not gf)
• GFCF pancakes made from a mix
• GFCF French toast made from GFCF bread
• Earth balance margarine or Fleishman unsalted are very good butter replacements (earth balance has a small amount of soy which is okay as a sub ingredient as long as there is not a food sensitivity)

Week 4
Find 5 GFCF food your child will eat for lunch and serve it, maintaining the gfcf breakfast choices
• GFCF hotdog, (no bun)
• Chicken or turkey hotdogs too
• Fritos (yes these are gfcf)
• Lays potato chips
• Cascadian farm French fries
• Boars Head lunch meats
• Tostitos Tortilla chips
• TJ fruit leathers
• Fresh fruit
• TJ White Organic Corn Tortilla
• Most juice boxes
• Even McDonald Happy Meals (hamburger, no bun)

Week 5
Find 5 foods your child will eat for dinner and serve it, maintaining breakfast and lunch choices.
• Any meat, starch (like rice or potato) and a vegetable. Just ensure they are cooked gfcf method.
• Rice spaghetti and Prego Spaghetti Sauce
• Home made chicken nuggets with French fries
• Any breakfast or lunch item your child will eat for dinner.

Week 6
Replace all snack items with GFCF
• GFCF Pretzels
• Paul Newman Plain Popcorn
• Fresh fruit
• Welch’s fruit snacks
• TJ Fruit leathers
• Sorbets
• ANDI or R.O.C.K. nutrition bars

Week 7
Replace all soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreens, toothpaste, laundry detergent, and over the counter medications with gfcf.

Check with to see if your brand is ok or what you should consider as the replacement.

Week 8
Replace all classroom contaminants
• has a whole section for teachers and caretakers
• Offer to provide some replacement material for use while your child is in class.

Week 9

Begin making GFCF goodies from mixes. Buy lots to have on hand at all times.

Week 10
• Make a GFCF meal from scratch. Go ahead and stock up on baking items.

• Create a separate area for them in the kitchen to avoid contamination with regular wheat four

• Cook one new item per week to discover your favorites.

What else??

• Buy “Special Diets for Special Kids” by Lisa Lewis “Special Diets for Special Kids book two” is good as well.
• Buy “Unraveling the Mysteries of Autism” by Karyn Seroussi. Great comments on cross contamination and food sensitivity issues.
• Buy “Children with Starving Brains” By Dr. Jacqueline McCandless

What to expect
• Better sleep patterns
• Bowel movements may change
• Increase in some speech patterns
• Child will scream for “narcotic” foods
• After several weeks your child may seem calmer
• Better cognition
• Less stemming
• Able to stay on task
• May quickly potty train

How to shop GFCF
• Go easy….buy lots of ready to eat items that are GFCF
• Read every label and understand what items are “no no’s”
• Call the manufacturer when in doubt
• Bring website list of GFCF items to grocery store (replace current food choices with GFCF
• Whole Foods, Trader Joe's
(Click here for a PDF of Gluten Free items from Trader Joe's)
• Online Websites
• Hy-Vee has a good health food market
• Greatest Grains, health food store.

What to say to Family and Friends

A little bit WILL hurt.

• Educate your spouse
• Educate family members
• Educate everyone in regular contact with your child
• And then…INSIST!!
• Do not take apathy toward GFCF and its affects on your child lightly because you are the one to live with the consequences.

Other Issues
• Supplement with Calcium/magnesium right when diet is started to avoid eye stimming and sleep problems
• Connect with a DAN doctor to receive recommendations on rest of supplements

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