A new approach to your health...

We offer a comprehensive and thorough investigation into all of your health concerns, and assist you with finding and treating the root cause, rather than trying to mask the symptoms with medications. While medication is used when necessary, a holistic approach is preferred. Many of the following conditions can be effectively treated without medications by utilizing dietary changes, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathy or lifestyle changes.

In-depth personalized consultations for various conditions, including:

ADD / ADHD Diabetes Insulin resistance
Allergies Digestive disorders Nutritional counseling
Arthritis Eczema Osteoporosis
Asthma Fibromyalgia Recurrent ear infections
Autism Food sensitivities Sensory integration disorders
Breastfeeding support Headaches Spectrum Disorders
Candida Hormonal Imbalance Stomach problems
Colds and Flu Hypertension Thyroid disorders
High Cholesterol Hypoglycemia Vaccination questions
Chronic Fatigue Insomnia Weight reduction
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